Weather Weak Spots

Spring is on the horizon and while we may want to leave winter behind after weeks buried under ice and snow, now is a good time to reflect on how your home fared through the winter. Take a tally of the weather weak spots in your home and act on any lessons learned.

Did the single digit temperatures reveal certain rooms in your home that are much colder than others? Could you feel the frigid air blowing in through your windows? As the weather grows warmer, the right time to address these issues in your home presents itself.

For the room that is much colder than the others in your home (a very common occurrence in the older homes especially) consider blowing insulation into the walls. It will provide the warmth you need and keep the room toasty and comfortable – and its easier to do than you think!


For those beautiful original windows your house proudly wears after so many years of life, give them a face lift by having them restored. Refurbished windows provide as much energy efficiency as replacement windows and last even longer. Original windows are made from quality materials that are far superior than the typical replacement windows. Plus an original window always looks more beautiful than a replacement!


Best Baby Rocker Upcycle

My cousin had a baby last night (CONGRATS!), so I have baby on the brain.  This reminded me of one of my best upcycles.  I found a very comfortable swivel rocker and ottoman for our nursery, but I had to do some smooth talking to convince my husband.  This was a longer term investment than just the baby years, I argued.

The Rocking Chair

Seven years later, it is still one of the most comfortable chairs in our house.  I had the chair re-upholstered in a neutral woven fabric that could fit in anywhere.  Tailored details like the buttons and the inverted box pleats make the chair a bit more refined than it’s previous life with a Toil slip cover.

Baby Rocker afterNow it’s a great place to sit in the corner of my home office.  And, still one of the most comfortable chairs in the house.  (See Jay, I told you so.)


Re-mix at my house: Foyer

Foyer Almost Done

Here’s where we are now on our gradual re-mix…  Still needs that last layer of accessories, but we’re getting there.

Foyer Before

Here’s where we started with the previous owners window treatment and all that dark wood.  This shows what a huge transformation you can make just by removing heavy draperies and painting out select woodwork.

Foyer During

We love the rich dark wood in our home, even more now that it’s featured by being offset with all the white trim.  Remember:  it’s your house, you paint that wood if you want to.  There are no rules in design – you have to live in your home and you have to love it.

Funk Design Studio on Dering Hall

Funk Design Studio on Dering Hall

Check out our feature on Dering Hall today!   For more of our transformations, and all the latest Funk Design Studio news, sign up for our email updates.


Fire: Essential Element for Warmth

There’s nothing better than lighting a fire for instant warmth.  But what if you don’t have a working fireplace? Well there are some great options where no chimney, and no gas or electrical connection is needed. You can literally buy it today and be sitting fireside tonight.

Bioethanol fireplaces burn clean and give off the look and sound (yes, really) like the real thing.

And I have a trick with a bioethanol (or gel fuel) fireplaces; wood scented incense to complete the sensory experience.  Sight, sound, smell and amazing ambiance all covered.


Warm weather dreaming; Austin style

“I think there is beauty in everything.”— Alexander McQueen

No matter where I am in the world, I gravitate to fabrics, colors, and textures.  No surprise, right?  That was no exception with a recent trip to Austin, Texas.  Below, a few of my pics and a few Southwestern inspired looks.  Yee-Haw.

IMG_4348                                                                                                                                                                                        photo: Sandra Funk Levy


photo: Sandra Funk Levy




via: Urban Outfitters

photo: Sandra Funk Levy


via: Pinterest





via: Pinterest


Marsala warms us up

Every year we wait for the latest Pantone color of the year to be announced…  I’m sure you’ve heard, the 2015 color is MARSALA (PANTONE 18-1438). describes it “much like the fortified wine that gives Marsala its name, this tasteful hue embodies the satisfying richness of a fulfilling meal while its grounding red-brown roots emanate a sophisticated, natural earthiness.”  We always love to see where we will find the color next.  It’s popping up all over… take a look.


via: popsugar

marsala-cupcakesvia:  Pinterest

via: Lonny


via: Crate & Barrel


via: shutter stock

I’m feeling cozy already.






Funk Design puts on the Ruby Red Shoes for CASA

CASA Red Shoe BAll

Photo from Baristanet: Red Shoes unite at the CASA Ruby Red Shoe Ball

I was thrilled to attend and donate design time to the annual Ruby Red Shoe Ball for CASA.  CASA, Court Appointed Special Advocates, does amazing work  for the children of Essex County in Foster Care.   What a wonderful cause and an inspirational night.  See the full Baristanet breakdown here.

To learn more about CASA Essex County, check out


The Attitude is Gratitude

“Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone.” – GB Stern

On November 14, Funk Design Studio hosted the most anticipated gathering of the season, The Attitude is Gratitude party. It was a way to give thanks to our vendors, creative partners, friends, and clients. The evening’s entertainment was by The School of Rock Montclair.  They provided, as they say:  “the premiere music education experience for young musicians”.

Not only were the guests treated to great music, but also their just desserts by The Little Daisy Bakeshop.

Don’t take our word for it, all the fun, music, treats, and laughs were captured by Colleen Issa Photography.  

Funk_Design_Studio_77 Funk_Design_Studio_88

Funk_Design_Studio_03 Funk_Design_Studio_18

Funk_Design_Studio_17 Funk_Design_Studio_07

Funk_Design_Studio_87 Funk_Design_Studio_15

Funk_Design_Studio_46 Funk_Design_Studio_92

Funk_Design_Studio_57 Funk_Design_Studio_59

Funk_Design_Studio_14 Funk_Design_Studio_84

Yes, those were some shameless party vendor promotions – thank you!  Could not have done it without you.  And my biggest, hugest, gigantic thank you goes to my team and my husband for all your help putting together a great night.

The bottom line:  Thank you!